Need great osteopaths? Meet the team at Enhance Osteopathy Heidelberg!

Our practitioners are  fully registered & qualified with experience in direct structural techniques as well as more indirect cranial and biodynamic work. All of our treatments are tailored to suit each individual patient so you get the best care for you.

Dr Tiffany Rubach

Dr Tiffany Rubach
Principal Osteopath & Owner

DipRemMassg, BATh, B.App.Sc.(Comp Med), M.Ost, Member of Osteopathy Australia

Having treated patients for over eighteen years, initially as a Remedial Massage Therapist and then as an Osteopath, Tiffany is the owner and principal practitioner at Enhance Osteopathy in Heidelberg.

Her treatment experience encompasses a broad base of patients - from general injury work, migraines and headaches, sports therapy and pregnant patients, through to recovery from more serious injuries and surgery. Her particular passion is working with complex health care patients where a decrease in symptoms can mean so much to quality of life. Tiffany tends to get all the tricky patients referred to her, which she loves.

Tiffany is also very passionate about providing a safe and inclusive space for patients from all walks of life. She believes everyone is entitled to health care from a practioner who does not discriminate for any reason. No matter your ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or neurodiversity you will be welcomed at her practice.

Tiffany also taught anatomy to other osteopaths for three years at university level and is passionate about working in conjunction with other medical practitioners to provide whole-health solutions for her patients.

While she is very experienced in cranial osteopathy she also does more direct techniques when needed. Tiffany believes in using the full range of techniques available to an osteopath and tailoring her osteo treatments to suit each individual patient.

Having a down to earth manner so patients feel comfortable asking for what they want and voicing their concerns is also important to her, so if you know what works for you, or have a particular way you like to be treated, especially if you have had osteopathy before, she encourages you to speak up. She also believes in educating patients and improving health literacy so people can manage their own health better.

Tiffany treats a wide variety of ages, from early childhood through to older patients, and particularly enjoys getting to know whole families.

She is also passionate about what she calls "proper osteopathy" and spends a lot of time trying to learn as much about osteopathy as possible. She believes when you choose to be an osteopath you must keep learning your whole career and there are always new things to learn from osteopaths you admire.

More recently Tiffany has also started her first foray into teaching continuing professional development courses to qualified osteopaths. These courses are practical technique courses that teach osteopaths balanced ligamentous tension techniques, an indirect osteopathic technique that she uses frequently in her day to day practice.

When she’s not at work as an Osteopathy in Heidelberg Tiffany loves doing Tai Chi, spending time in the great outdoors, playing with her dog Pepper and reading really long books.

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Dr Zoe Mylan

Member of Osteopathy Australia

Dr Zoe Mylan qualified from RMIT with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). Zoe has a Diploma of Community Welfare Work and over a decade of experience working in the Community Services Sector. Zoe is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of all of her patients. Treating the head down to the toes, Zoe considers each person as a separate individual. No two people are the same, we all differ in our lifestyles, our habits and our dreams and expectations of life.

Zoe is passionate about preventative healthcare as it applies to the ageing body. This interest began when Zoe observed how well Osteopathy supported her Grandma through the latter years of her life. Zoe is focused on helping people manage their pain, maintain independence around the home and confidence accessing the community. As an Osteopath Zoe likes to help build strong and healthy communities by nurturing and motivating people to take control of their health, reducing suffering and its associated burden.

Zoe is also interested in working to alleviate symptoms of headaches and migraines, as well as restoring tissue function to reduce pain that has stuck around for too long. Zoe uses a hands-on treatment approach with a combination of massage and manual therapy techniques to restore circulation to joints and tissues allowing for improved healing and recovery. Her technique approach is aimed at being considerate of the tissues, so the body responds well.

Zoe was initially attracted to osteopathy by its philosophically holistic approach to healthcare and aims to consider and treat the whole person. Zoe aims to use best evidence to treatment and advice offered for a range of conditions. As a keen researcher, Zoe is interested in looking at how Osteopathy and Complimentary Medicine is used to reduce the burden of chronic pain and disease on the healthcare system, and allows for happy and healthy communities. When she is not reading, you will find Zoe hiking in the forest, practicing mindfulness in someone’s garden, or hunting down treats at local markets.

If you are struggling with headaches or migraines, pain or stiffness or you are concerned about falls, book an appointment with Zoe so you can get on with the more important things in life.

Zoe is inclusive of all communities and believes strongly in discrimination free health care.

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Dr Daniela De Fazio

App.Sc.(Clin,Sc.); B.Osteo. Sc, Grad Cert in Neo. & Infnt Paed Man. Thrpy

Daniela graduated from the 5 year full-time double degree course at RMIT University in 2002 and has been working in the Heidelberg area for 21 years. She has post graduate qualifications in paediatric osteopathy and while she enjoys working with babies, children and pregnant women she is very experienced in all aspects of osteopathic practice and often sees whole families, from babies through to grandparents.

Daniela also speaks fluent Italian, coming from an Italian background and having studied it in high school. So if you have relatives who need a bilingual osteopath, Daniela is perfect for the job!

During her university years Daniela developed an interest in children’s health and osteopathic treatment during pregnancy. She has since undertaken further studies in the fields of cranial osteopathy, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology. She maintains an interest in women’s health, particularly treating pregnant women.

Children’s Health

Through her heightened interest in children’s health, Daniela has focused her attention on learning as much about treating children, as an Osteopath as possible. Common conditions that affect infants and children include asthma, recurrent ear infections, scoliosis, or even “growing pains”. Often newborns are brought in for an assessment after a traumatic or difficult birth for a check-up. Osteopathic treatment to the young can be very rewarding as problems may be prevented from developing into chronic conditions in later years The holistic approach allows the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms to assist the natural healing process. In 2011, Daniela completed a Graduate Certificate in Neonatal and Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy at Victoria University in Melbourne, furthering her knowledge in this area. Daniela has treated many children and enjoys the interaction with children as much as she enjoys seeing positive results.

Osteopathy and pregnancy

Osteopathic techniques during pregnancy are carefully selected. Common complaints associated with pregnancy include lower back pain, leg pain, and neck or shoulder pain. As a pregnancy progresses the extra weight can cause a shift in the body’s centre of gravity causing tight muscles leading to aches and fatigue. Daniela takes great care in assuring that the mother is comfortable and relaxed during the treatment so that she can give her patient the best care possible and achieves optimum results.

Daniela has held an assistant teaching position at the RMIT Bundoora campus, teaching the Osteopathic students. She has also served three years as a member on the Victorian State Council branch of the Australian Osteopathic Association. This role included two years as Continuing Professional Development Coordinator, which involved organising information seminars for Osteopaths to further their education in various fields. For several years, her role on State Council also led her to organise a stand at the annual Melbourne Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo where Osteopathy is promoted to the public.

Daniela’s newest role is that of a mother and with the knowledge that comes through experience she continues to contribute to promoting Osteopathy and its benefits for pregnant women and children of all ages.

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