Paediatric Osteopathy Heidelberg

Osteopathy for children and babies recognises the particular stresses on the body of children as they grow from babies to teenagers, and has developed an approach to work with children of all ages.

A range of problems may interfere with the normal development of a child. Childhood accidents and falls, or simply the young body's rapid growth can create or contribute to problems associated with bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

Other issues faced by children include birth strains, posture problems, inflammatory conditions and sporting injuries.

Our osteopaths at Enhance Osteopathy will work with you and your child to plan the best way forward. Your osteopath will take a complete medical history, conduct an examination, and ask you and your child questions. Your osteopath and you can determine which type of osteopathic treatment is suitable, and if referrals to other health practitioners are needed. Your osteopath can also offer advice on nutrition, general health, posture and exercise.

At Enhance Osteopathy Heidelberg, we provide paediatric osteopathy for patients in Heidelberg and the surrounding suburbs including Bulleen, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Eaglemont, Templestowe, Preston, Viewbank, Thornbury, Northcote, Fairfield and more.

Conditions that osteopaths see children for include:

  • back pain and headaches
  • growing pains in muscles, bones and joints
  • postural problems including curvature of the spine - scoliosis
  • period pain
  • walking difficulties or foot pain
  • sporting injuries
  • the physical effects of cerebral palsy

Osteopathy For Children And Babies
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Do osteopaths treat babies?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that the techniques we use on babies are very different to some of the more direct, structural techniques we use on adults. It is also important to remember newborns, babies, infants, and so on up to teenagers, all have different anatomy to adults. Did you know most people don't even reach skeletal maturity (when all your bones have finished growing) until twenty-five years old?

You definitely need to make sure you see a practitioner who knows the differences in anatomy and physiology at different ages. What bones and organs should be where, what they should feel like, when different bones fuse, when different reflexes are present and at what age do babies grow out of them.

Many of our patients like osteopathic care as it does not use drugs or surgery. It can assist the young body to adapt to growth-related changes which may prevent other health problems. It can help your baby grow into a healthy child and, ultimately, a healthy young adult.

Call today to see how our highly compassionate practitioners can help or you may like to book online below. Our osteopaths treat babies, children and teenagers for a range of conditions. Effective, early treatment can prevent other problems from occurring.