It can be disheartening to reach a stage of life when you have more time for recreation, only to experience age-related pain and stiffness that may prevent you from enjoying this new-found leisure time to the full.

Many older Australians mistakenly believe the effect of ageing on their body's joints is not treatable and inevitable, and they have no alternative but to learn to live a lesser life with their pain. Our highly skilled osteopaths at Enhance Osteopathy may be able to help.

Osteopathy for Seniors

Keeping mobile is the key to your health, happiness and independence. Osteopathy for seniors can offer treatment and advice to help improve mobility, circulation and balance, reducing joint stiffness and helping you lead a more fulfilling life.

As we get older, the body loses elasticity, increasing the chance of injuring the soft tissues and bony structures. The body also loses some of its ability to recover from injuries or strains.

The effects of ageing on the body can cause symptoms such as:

As an osteopath one of the most common things we are told by senior patients is that they thought they just had to put up with their pain as they were getting older and must expect things to hurt. No one should ever just put up with pain. Pain is your body's way of telling you there is a problem and it tends to upgrade over time. This means if you do not seek help the pain can get worse over time, but it doesn't have to. If you book in for an assessment we can try to help you manage your condition to reduce pain.

If surgery is also required, the post operative recovery period can also be prolonged and painful. Osteopathic treatment may go a long way towards relieving these distressing conditions.

Osteopathy's techniques aim to maintain your health, mobility, balance, reduce further joint wear and tear, and help keep you active and independent.

Osteopathy for Seniors
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Osteopaths can provide:

  • treatment to keep your body balanced and mobile
  • home exercises to keep you stronger and more flexible
  • advice on nutrition
  • guidance about outdoor exercising, such as a daily walk to keep your circulation healthy and maintain muscle tone
  • advice on gentle stretches to help maintain joint and muscle flexibility and assist in preventing injuries
  • information about activities like Tai Chi, yoga or gym-based training which can maximise your balance and strength.

Osteopaths can work with other health practitioners to ensure a holistic approach to your health care. Call today to have a talk about how we can help you, concessions available for eligible patients: (03) 9499 9456