Are you neurodiverse or caring for someone who is? Are you looking for an osteopath who understands neurodiverse patient needs? Then contact the team at Enhance Osteopathy Heidelberg.

At Enhance Osteopathy Heidelberg we recognise the unique challenges that neurodiverse patients face when accessing health care services and new environments in general. We are keenly aware that stimulus which may be innocuous to neurotypical patients can cause discomfort and even distress to our neurodiverse community members. We employ a number of strategies to minimise this discomfort and make these patients feel especially welcome.

Perhaps the clearest distinction at Enhance Osteopathy is that our principal osteopath is neurodiverse, so we get it! We don’t care if a patient doesn’t modulate their tone “appropriately” or they say something people think is abrupt, or odd, or too direct. Or they need to be brought back to the topic after wandering off on a an enthusiastic rant. Or perhaps they twitch when we didn’t expect it or get a bit stressed over something. It is all okay and if anything, probably makes us all feel a little bit at home…especially the boss!

At Enhance Osteopathy Heidelberg, we provide osteopathy for neurodiverse patients in Heidelberg and the surrounding suburbs including Bulleen, Ivanhoe, Rosanna, Eaglemont, Templestowe, Preston, Viewbank, Thornbury, Northcote, Fairfield and more. If you’re looking for an osteopath for yourself or a loved one, contact our friendly team today.

How we try to help neurodiverse patients feel comfortable:

    But more seriously, we understand that entering a new environment can be stressful, so we try to minimise this stress by not adding to it. There are no loud or annoying sounds in the clinic, for example we do not play music in reception, and we ask people to use their phones on silent and take calls outside. We also avoid strong smells – you will not find oil diffusers in our clinic. Our washing powders are fragrance free, and our cleaning products are as low odour as we can make them. Our practitioners also avoid wearing perfumes.

    We are happy to provide paperwork ahead of time so patients can take their time filling out the forms and have advance notice of the questions we will ask. It also means if you are selectively verbal you can be very detailed in writing instead. When filling out these forms we are happy to be informed of any individual triggers so we can avoid them too.

    Our clinic is not some big super clinic so there are usually not many people rushing about and we can always schedule patients for quieter days and times, when the people we share the building with are not here, if needed. It is clearly explained to patients what will happen in a treatment and why, before that treatment starts, and they are explicitly told they can stop the treatment at any time. We will always ask if patients are comfortable and change anything we can if they are not, for example we have both towels and sheets available if textures are an issue, our lights have dimmer switches, and our tables are fully adjustable.

How your osteopath may treat your neck or back pain:

    We also do something a little bit different at Enhance Osteopathy, which people who are not familiar with the industry as a whole may not appreciate, but we use all our techniques. Many clinics have gone down a path of only using joint manipulation and massage or only cranial osteopathy. This is very limiting when a patient doesn’t tolerate a technique well. The pressure may be too strong, they may not like the sound, the pressure may be too light or a myriad of other issues. At our clinic we can tailor our touch to suit each and every individual’s needs. Overall we treat patients as a person, not a number, and we really, genuinely like our neurodiverse patients.

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Osteopathy for Neurodiverse Patients
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Tips for neurodiverse patients

  • Please let us know your diagnosis in advance if you feel comfortable doing so
  • If you have known triggers let us know so we can avoid them
  • During your treatment if anything upsets you please feel safe to speak up or use a pre-aranged signal
  • If you are selectively verbal please let us know so we can tailor our history taking
  • Discuss dietary limitations with your osteopath as this can affect tissue healing times
  • Hypermobility is common in the neurodiverse community - ask for an assessment when you come in
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