Elbow Pain

Elbow pain often occurs due to a variety of sports and occupations that involve repeated pressure on the muscles and tendons near the elbow joint. This pressure can cause the muscles to become strained and tendons to become inflamed. You will often notice the pain when using your wrist or hand.

When you get osteopathy for elbow pain your osteopath at Enhance Osteopathy will work with you to determine the cause of your pain and decide on a course of treatment to help your elbow pain. Don't put up with pain, call now.

Common elbow injuries symptoms

Common elbow injuries include the following:

Tennis elbow - the technical name for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. It is usually an overuse injury caused by repetitive extension movement of the wrist and elbow.

Golfers elbow - or medial epicondylitis, is also an overuse injury. It is usually caused by repeated flexion of the wrist and elbow.

To read more about tennis and golfers elbow head to our page about tendonitis.

Radial head ligament sprains - sprains happen when trauma, such as a fall, causes the ligaments of the joint to suddenly stretch beyond their usual range. We have all heard of an ankle sprain, well this is a sprain of the ligament that wraps around your radial head.

Yes but what is the radial head? The radius is one of two long bones in your forearm, the other is the ulnar bone. If you look at your forearm palm up the radius is the bone on the outside or or the thumb side. The head is the end of the bone in your elbow joint.

So if you have a pain in you elbow after something like a fall where you land with your hands and arms stretched out for example, you may have a radial head ligament sprain.

Ulnar nerve entrapment - this is when the nerve behind your elbow gets compressed or irritated. The ulnar nerve runs from the base of your neck all the way to you fingers. It can get compressed or irritated at a number of places along the way but it is particularly vulnerable at the elbow. Here it runs over the back of the bone in your elbow and is easier to damage...we've all knocked our funny bone...and the ulnar nerve is the reason that is never very funny!

Ulnar nerve entrapment may cause an aching pain in your elbow, however most people notice changes in their hand. This can range from numbness or pins and needles in your ring finger and your little finger to weakness when gripping.

Osteopathy for Elbow Pain
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Symptoms of pelvic pain may include:

General symptoms of elbow pain may include: 
  • weak grip - picking up heavy objects may become difficult
  • pain when twisting the wrist
  • constant dull ache, worse at night
  • sharp pain when moving the elbow joint.

How osteopathy helps elbow pain

Our osteopaths may help your elbow pain by:
  • treating the area with manual therapy such as massage, stretches, manipulation and joint mobilisation
  • providing advice on wearing a brace support
  • applying sports taping
  • providing information and advice on taking anti-inflammatories
  • referring you to a GP for further investigation if needed, for example an x-ray or an ultrasound

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