Hum to help your gut health

Hum to help your gut health

Start humming (or gargling) to get your gut going today!
Do you know gut motility, or how fast food passes through your gut, is a brain issue? If there is a problem with this, it means that food could stay in your gut longer and ferment, changing the bacteria and yeast population, leading to more irritable bowel symptoms.
Modifying your diet will help to an extent, toning the vagus nerve, which supplies the gut, will also help. One of the easiest exercises is to gargle violently, yup, until you tear. Or you could sing or hum. I know which I would prefer!

What is the vagus nerve?

You may be asking, what exactly is the vagus nerve? In the human body there are twelve cranial nerves that come from the brain stem and supply various parts of your head and neck. The vagus nerve is the exception. It is the tenth cranial nerve (CNX) and it leaves the head and neck and supplies many of your organs.
The vagus nerve is part of your parasympathetic, or rest, digest nervous system (as opposed to the sympathetic or fight, flight nervous system). It is the longest of all the cranial nerves and plays a crucial role in nervous supply to you heart, lungs and digestive tract.
Such an extensive supply means it is essential that your vagus nerve is functioning well, so get gargling or singing today!

What humming best to tone the vagus nerve?

This short video from Tune Up Fitness explains three sounds that work to activate the vagus nerve. Interestingly enough they sound much like the "om" sound used in traditional Hindu and Buddhist meditation.

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